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I've been here for a while, you just haven't seen me for a bit.

Way back in the summer of 2013 I decided I wanted to try my hand at some crafts.  It has been a loving challenge for me.  I like creating things but sometimes it really is a lot of work. I know now why people have to pay a premium for hand crafted goods.  In the end, it is worth it.

I started out with up-cycling wine bottles.  Getting the bottles was easy for me.  I like to drink wine.  In fact, we make wine at home (but that is for a different blog).  

I started with Bottles By Design.  I made wine bottles into ambient lighting, bird feeders and even candles.  Ah, candles!  This is where I found my niche.

I would cut the bottles and then fill them with wonderfully scented soy wax.  I would give them away to friends and family.  They smelled so good you could even smell them when they were not lit (this is known as the "cold throw" for the novice candle people).  

I also came from the background of jewelry.  I am actually a GIA Graduate Gemologist too!  This gave me the idea to put gemstones in my products and candles seemed like they would work well.  I started making candles with carats in them.  I blended Bottles by Design with my new business and renamed it Carat Patch Decor.  I sold to a couple of boutiques in the Charlotte, NC area and it was a good side hustle.  

Over the years I have honed my craft and my love for candles and candle making has grown and expanded.  I can still make the other goodies but my heart lies in the wax so to speak.

I have grown my candle line and as a natural progression, I have moved into wax melts and wickless candles.  They seem a bit safer to me since there is no flame to deal with and that works well for homes with children and pets.  It works great in an office too!  I also started making my favorite product; The Itty Bitty Fire Pitty.  I love this one the most!

I've let my creative side kick in as well and instead of simply pouring candles and melts, I have learned how to make them look like food or something different and unusual (not just a basic clam shell like you find in a big box store). I laugh when someone picks up a melt or candle and they realize it is not a cookie or cupcake.  We still have to be careful, we don't want anyone eating them!

I have now made my side hustle my full-time hustle and I couldn't be happier.  I have been going to fairs and festivals to sell my goods and I have launched www.caratpatchdecor.com.  I may be back in consignment and home decor stores soon as well. 

While I'm waiting for more orders to pour in, I'll be making more candles and wax melts.  You may also find me sipping on some wine just in case I need the bottle for another crafty project.  

Much love,